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Samraj Polytex Ltd. is renowned Manufacturer / Importer, Supplier & Exporter of wide range premium quality Aerosol Spray Paint since year 2008. We have experience of more than 10 years in Spray Paint industry. We would like to introduce ourselves as our premium brand “4S Spray Paint” for multi-purpose use.

These spray paints are specially formulated by using superior quality Acrylic/Polyester paint with quick drying, smell free & perfumed glowing finish. These are Do It Yourself (DIY) spray paints which gives a new look to your office equipment or household appliances, events or parties decoration and automobile parts. 4S Spray Paint is our premium product and can be easily used on any Industrial and Automotive parts, Machinery, Furniture, Glass, and Art & Craft.

From industrial maintenance paints to automotive touch-up paints, from office equipment to household appliances touch-up paints, and from Art & Craft to Design & Decoration paints, Our company provides various range of shades & colors suitable for interior and exterior decorating purposes.

Our main Motto is to promote our Spray Paints as Do It Yourself (DIY). DIY is method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the support of experts or professionals. 4S Spray Paint offers you the simplest and easiest way of experiencing painting by DIY. Our product come in cans which are easy to spray and paint without expert or professional painter support. Our DIY 4S Spray Paints are easy to use, dries faster, efficient, and gives better perfumed glossy finish in comparison to brushed painting. It can be used on any industrial or automotive parts, any office equipment or household appliances & Art or Decoration. Our Spray Paint cans are re-usable, durable, last as long as 3 years & easy to dispose after its usage. We are also committed to the environment protection and sustainability and has adhered to rules and regulation for ecological safety.

There are numerous reasons to choose 4S Spray Paint for in-door or out-door touchup purposes :

  • High Performance Spray Paint

  • Better Coverage & Even Coating

  • Quick Dry & Time Saving

  • Durable & Long Lasting

  • Glossy & Shiny Finishing

  • Smell Free & Perfumed Finish

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